OL BASTARD, JIG SHARP SCRAPER is the most efficient, easy to use hand scraper and sharpening jig ever devised.


Features a PATENT PENDING ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Simply the best paint scraper for wood, polyurethane, paint removal, refinishing hardwood floors, scrape wooden boat hulls, scrape wood floors corners before you apply polyurethane or use for removing vinyl tile glue from wood floors and more.


KEEPS BLADES RAZOR SHARP! Takes the hassle out of sharpening. Save up to 75% labor and time on scraping. It works by the sharpening jig aligning the scraper blade at the precise angle needed to come in contact with bastard file, resulting in a razor sharp edge.


Everyone will benefit from the Ol Bastard. carpenters, floor refinishers, contractors, remodelers, hobbyist, craftsman and homeowners. Get your OL BASTARD today!

“After some getting used to this is the only scraper that I use now. I can’t say enough good things about it. Hard to believe a tool can save so much time and aggravation but it does. Thanks Ele for a great tool.”

Dan HawkesTru-Line Lane & Floor

“Got it! Its Awesome! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!”

Timothy L. DalyTGB Flooring