Who you callin’ “Ol Bastard”?!

I have a sample of the “Ol Bastard Jig Sharp Scraper” and find it a clever solution to the problem of keeping a paint and flooring scraper sharp. The scraper is a well-designed, ergonomic version of the paint scraper that I used to prep a house for paint.

That seemingly endless job included frequent resharpening of the scraper blade, a necessary task that helps keep the job from being truly endless. This is the good part about this innovative tool. It is integrated with a sharpening fixture that files the edge without removing it from the handle.

The scraper handle has a groove (white plastic in photo above) that rides the rod in the sharpening fixture which holds a file. The angle of the edge to the file is proscribed and the edge is filed sharp with a few quick strokes. Clever.

This scraper won’t replace your #12 or your hand/card scrapers for furniture work. But when you’re stuck prepping for paint or refinishing a floor, this tool combo should keep things moving along.