Grab An Ol Bastard For Your Next Scraping Job

One of the keys to effective scraping is to keep your scraper sharp, but according to Ele Grisgsby, teaching people how to properly sharpen their scraper is futile. So he invented the Ol Bastard scraper and jig.

You can use the ergonomic plastic scraper to remove polyurethane, paint, or vinyl tile glue from wood. When it comes time to sharpen the steel scraper blade, just slip the scraper onto the sharpening jig’s bar and slide the scraper back and forth against the jig’s built-in bastard file. The jig holds the scraper blade in the correct position to get a razor-sharp edge with the correct angle.

You can purchase the sharpening jig and scraper for $50 before shipping. A three-pack of replacement blades runs about $5.