Who you callin’ “Ol Bastard”?!

I have a sample of the “Ol Bastard Jig Sharp Scraper” and find it a clever solution to the problem of keeping a paint and flooring scraper sharp. The scraper is a well-designed, ergonomic version of the paint scraper that I used to prep a house for paint. That seemingly endless job included frequent resharpening … Read more "Who you callin’ “Ol Bastard”?!"
Ron Hock

Grab An Ol Bastard For Your Next Scraping Job

One of the keys to effective scraping is to keep your scraper sharp, but according to Ele Grisgsby, teaching people how to properly sharpen their scraper is futile. So he invented the Ol Bastard scraper and jig. You can use the ergonomic plastic scraper to remove polyurethane, paint, or vinyl tile glue from wood. When … Read more "Grab An Ol Bastard For Your Next Scraping Job"
Benjamin Johnson